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Located in the North West of France, Normandy is rich in European History.

It remains the main access to the ocean and overseas. The closeness to the sea also was the reason for a number of conflicts in history, from William the Conqueror leaving for Brittany’s conquest, to Joan of Arc, ending her days on a pyre in the heart of Rouen during the Hundred Years War. And, more recently, of course, when the allied troops landed on Omaha, Utah beach… Here our private driver-guide take you to the battlefields for a tour of the D-Day landing beaches.

But Normandy is not just traveling through History; Normandy will also bring your senses to marvel. Dazzling white limestone cliffs, green bocage landscapes among the River Seine’s beautiful meanders: you will try to look everywhere at the same time! Especially as the region bathes in a very special light which brought the impressionists to choose Normandy as their canvas to capture nature in its most splendid way and beautiful colorful cities such as Honfleur and Deauville.


These emotions will certainly whet your appetite. You can scour the area for gourmet routes lined with blossoming apple trees, and taste the producers’ and farmers’ goods. With a little luck – and our help – the cheese maker will tell you about the secrets to produce the most famous cheese: the Camembert. Cider-factories and distilleries will open their doors for you to enjoy flavorsome calvados right next to the copper still.

We offer luxury holidays accross Normandy from remembrance tours to gourmet tours and many more options!

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