Loire Secrets is your luxury incoming Travel Agency in Western France.

Your Destination Management Company France : DMC for Loire valley, Normandy and Brittany regions in France.

Fast growing company in the travel industry and a business-to-business provider for travel services for leisure and corporate, for individuals and groups.

Our team create packages including tailor-made tours, day trips from Paris and incentives. Activities are varied: meeting people, seeing places and having experiences. The list is constantly growing through our encounters and exchanges with local inhabitants and personalities. Who said curiosity killed the cat?

The ultimate formula consists in matching our expertise with your requirements to make your clients live an unforgettable experience.

A perfect combination needs experience and time: all our tours and stays are customized. We do not have peconceived trips, for we consider every request as unique.

Discover the 7 reasons to choose Loire Secrets!


Our team of enthusiasts personally and professionally know those men and women who make the reputation of the Loire Valley, Normandy and Brittany.

It will be a great pleasure to open for you the most secret doors to our regions, and to arrange accommodation, transportation, meals and visits for a harmonious customized stay.

You can also meet our passionated guides and driver-guides!

Karine Guyon

founder of Loire Secrets

a real ball of fire!

The Loire Valley has always been Karine’s favored playground. She took her first steps on the Loire River’s sandbanks and grew up with the best local vegetable growers and the famous rose-producing nurserymen. From her earliest days, Karine was interested in the colors of her native country and attracted by the play of light reflected by the Loire River.

Having travelled extensively throughout many beautiful countries for various tour operators, she understood that, in no other place in the world, would she find this wonderful softness of life. Today she lives next to the Loire and enjoys every day the reflexion of light and energy emanating from this majestic and powerful river. Not far from the vineyards and her own garden contains a treasure: a troglodyte dwelling where our ancestors dug the limestone from the rock with which to adorn the valley’s beautiful chateaux.

Karine always puts all her heart and full energy into every travel project she organises; each customer is unique and has individual needs and requests. At Loire Secrets, Karine ensures that these needs are met with a customised and personal response. This is our way of working, our priority and our business philosophy.

The essentials for us are: personal encounters, authenticity, meaningful moments, unique experiences.

Hélène lorier

travel designer

an obstinate enthusiast

Originally from the picturesque village of Saint-Remy-la-Varenne in Anjou, Helene grew up on the banks of this Royal River, the Loire. Her outstanding knowledge of wine, her long experience working in the travel sector both in France and abroad in New Zealand, Brazil and England, together with her lovely and charming personality, all makes her an expert and attentive travel designer.

Helene studied in Brittany, in the Gulf of Morbihan and knows the best hidden beaches and places to go to for a lovely oyster tasting. She loves going back there and enjoy time in her family beach house to discover new secret places to visit and make crêpes.

Helene will be happy to tailor make your tours and open the doors to the finest wine estates and best hidden gems of the region.

coline merceron

in charge of the communication

a joyful creative

Another Loire Valley woman in the Loire Secrets team! Yes, Coline was born and raised in a picturesque village on the banks of this royal river.

She is in love with this, her natural environment; the magnificent chateaux and the cultural treasures around her. Coline is definitely a woman from the Loire.

Bubbling with vitality and “joie de vivre”, she likes communicating! A big fan of theatre and an actress herself, sharing joy and messages is what she likes!

At Loire Secrets, Coline is in charge of our social networks and communication. She also likes sharing her ideas and creating fantastic itineraries and events for our clients.