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Indulge in a private gourmet tour in beautiful Brittany and dive in the heart of Breton culture! Even for the French a holiday in Brittany means going on an exotic trip with strange names. Is it because of the difficult pronunciation of, for instance, Pouldreuzic or Locmariaquer ? We promise – no need for a visa to enter this land of Celtic roots!

Lot to explore in Brittany; stroll the narrow cobblestone streets inside the ramparts of Concarneau, or meet an oyster farmer in the magnificent Morbihan Gulf; yet again, sail in the Saint Malo Bay while savoring the master chef’s delicacies prepared before your very eyes from the catch of the day, marvel at the spring tides in St Malo; admire the artists’ works in Pont Aven art gallery or visit the Carnac menhirs, which will take you to a trip back in time. Our luxury trips in Brittany can easily be combined with Normandy and Loire Valley Tours.

Brittany’s culinary specialities are delicious and well known in France. During your trip, how about tasting some delicious buckwheat galettes or sweet crêpes? Do you have heard of caramel au beurre salé or kouing-aman? You’ll be able to discover all this on a gourmet day out!

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