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Cultural Tours

Travel through the centuries

Travelling through the West and the Centre of France you will discover a country shaped by various ancestral influences, which has provided fertile ground for the growth of a rich, eclectic and unique culture.

Places where some people just see old stones will be brought to relive the ancestors’ wars between Normans, Plantagenets and English. You will learn about the private secrets at the Royal Court and shiver before the shimmering colors of the River Seine Bay, the colors that so deeply inspired the French impressionists. You will tremble at the thought of the soldier heroes landing on the Normandy Beaches, and then discover the best of contemporary art along the River Loire estuary.

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Explore our heritage

The River Loire: heritage in all its forms

It would take you two entire years to visit every single historical site in the Loire Valley, as their number and diversity, their significance and stories are a source of enrichment and marvel.

Whether you are interested in medieval cities, the famous chateaux of the Loire Valley, royal abbeys and remarkable churches, city houses or hidden hunting lodges, we will guide you through the wealth of history this region has to offer.

If you decide to go to Nantes, you can, like Jules Verne, travel through time from the Château of the Dukes of Brittany to the chimney-stack-house conceived by the contemporary artist Tatsu Nishi, stopping by the ship’s managers’ houses dating back to the times of the slave trade.

Normandy: between light and shade

Due to its proximity to Paris, Normandy was the privileged holiday destination for the French capital’s intellectuals and upper class society throughout the 19th century. The particularity of the light in Normandy largely inspired the impressionist movement (Monet, Renoir, Degas…) which can be discovered at Giverny, at Claude Monet’s private home, or at a stopover at the Normandy Impressionists’ Festival.

June 6th 1944, the largest military operation in history, remains the historic date of the region. You cannot help trembling imagining thousands of soldiers landing on the beaches under enemy’s fire. Touring through Caen’s memorial dedicated to this historical moment will be a powerful emotional experience.

Brittany: between Celtic roots, folklore and art villages

In Brittany, art and culture harmonize with authenticity and modesty.

The sight of the Carnac megalithic stones will plunge you back in time to our forefathers’ mystical genius. Continuing on to the 22 villages of character, and you will discover picturesque Brittany. And finally, one of our favorites, continue on to France’s largest open-air photo exposition at Gacilly, and you will really understand this province where culture is open to everyone.

A fine way to get to know the popular traditions is to attend one of the many spring and summer festivals such as “Vieilles Charrues” at Carhaix, “Bout du Monde” at Crozon or “Interceltic” at Lorient.

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